About Fertility Science Institute

The Fertility Science Institute ("FSI") site is an educational initiative to provide the best available information for anyone interested in, or currently using, a natural, fertility awareness based method, regardless of their stage in life.

The fertility awareness landscape has undergone profound changes in more recent years, with an explosion of apps and devices that have attracted large numbers away from contraceptives and toward a natural approach. Yet this profound change, while welcome, has also brought a lot of confusion for people as they seek reliable information about the various natural methods.

FSI is based on the belief that while fertility awareness based methods are scientifically proven to be effective, support is needed through each stage of life.  Some members may just be getting started learning a method; while other members may need help during postpartum or perimenopause; and still others may need medical assistance. FSI's aim is to help its members find the support they need, regardless of where they are in a lifetime of fertility.

As the trusted resource for information about natural approaches to fertility, FSI becomes the "one-stop" shop to get the help needed.  In today’s culture, many women are self-taught--getting much of their information from social media, mixing methods, or just relying on an app that may or may not be based in science. Since the subject of fertility deals with the creation of new life, excellent instruction is imperative!  FSI partners with physicians, scientists, and experts from other methods to provide the best instruction and support possible as the market continues to innovate.

FSI fosters communities--both online and in real life. Even as the FemTech market grows, "going natural" is still a counter-cultural decision, and we support those who make that decision through the long term.  FSI, joining with other like-minded organizations supports our members with topics varying from nutrition to relationship tools. There are many aspects of living out a lifetime using an all natural approach to fertility, and FSI is dedicated to helping our members to be successful in their choice.

Our Principles

  • Fertility Science Institute specifically supports scientifically-based, all natural, fertility awareness based methods of family planning.
  • Fertility Science Institute does not support any action which intentionally damages or frustrates the normal function of a healthy, reproductive or other functioning part of the body.
  • Fertility Science institute does not support abortion, nor the referral for abortion.
  • Technological interventions (such as IVF) which separate conception from the marital act are contrary to the dignity of the human person and deny the basic right of every child to be conceived in an act of love between its mother and father.
  • Couples using FABMS have autonomy to determine the size of their own families based on their own physical, economic, psychological, spiritual, and social conditions.

Let's work together

If you are involved in helping men and women with fertility awareness and would like to investigate partnership opportunities, please get in touch. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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