Building the FSI Professional Directory

Originally written by Annie Roettker and published in Family Foundations in January 2022.

Couple to Couple League (CCL) has taken its experience teaching a scientifically based, all-natural fertility awareness method and combined it with other professionals’ gifts and talents centered around the same mission and created the Fertility Science Institute (FSI) and FSI Directory.

FSI is a trusted place where people can find reliable fertility help and resources. Fertility varies over a lifetime – as a single person, as a couple, through marriage, pregnancy, postpartum, and as little ones grow and begin their own journey of fertility. FSI offers support through every stage of fertility by providing scientifically based training and resources to empower everyone for a lifetime of healthy

The FSI Directory brings trusted professionals together on one website for people to easily find those who want to share their talents in a variety of scientifically based methods of fertility awareness and support. Anyone part of the FSI Directory is vetted by the FSI Directory Committee to ensure that the applicant agrees to and adheres to the FSI Principles.

“Women who desire to experience integrated healthcare need a resource like the FSI Directory. Building a solid community of providers who are faithful to the Gospel of Life is so crucial in our time. As a women’s wellness professional, being a part of the FSI Directory is important as we expand the reach of ordered and integrative alternatives to women everywhere.”

– Betsy Hoyt, Integrated Catholic Women, Huntersville, NC

The FSI Online Directory launched in October 2021 and now has over 550 providers listed online. Geographically, the FSI Directory has professionals representing 20 different countries, including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Kenya, Argentina, and Paraguay, and has professionals offering services in 7 different languages. The FSI Directory is a resource for people of all faiths and providers will meet you where you are in your spiritual journey. The FSI Directory was inspired by listening to where others are in their journey and what needs they had.

The FSI Directory compliments CCL’s teaching by offering additional resources for our couples when they need a Medical Doctor, a Certified Midwife, a Nutritionist, or more. In addition, we can now direct couples and families to this new site and know that they will find professionals offering the same care philosophy and who have our couples’ wellbeing in mind. Please help us continue to spread the light and share our talents and experience in one place.

“I was thrilled to learn about FSI’s directory initiative. It is so important for professionals in this field to be accessible to women seeking reproductive care that is evidence-based and aligned with their values. I am so happy to be included in this directory, especially alongside such outstanding
professionals in this area.” – Ulrika Drevniok, RN, TruFem, BC, Canada

The Fertility Science Institute Principles

  • FSI specifically supports scientifically based, all natural, fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs) of family planning.
  • FSI does not support any action which intentionally damages or frustrates the normal function of a healthy reproductive, or other functioning part of the body.
  • FSI does not support abortion, nor the referral for abortion.
  • Technological interventions (such as IVF) which separate conception from the marital act are contrary to the dignity of the human person and deny the basic right of every child to be conceived in an act of love between its mother and father.
  • Couples using FABMs have autonomy to determine the size of their own families based on their own physical, economic, psychological, spiritual, and social conditions.

“I am delighted to see the Fertility Science Institute come to fruition which is an opportunity to build bridges in the Natural Family Planning community. Although I am a Marquette Method provider, I do support my patients in whatever method they would like to use to achieve their goals. I have supported both the Marquette Method and the Serena Canada (sympto-thermal) method as a medical consultant, and I have been happy to collaborate with various researchers to advance NFP science. Most recently we have designed a survey of NFP researchers looking at the impacts of Covid vaccination on the menstrual cycle, and we are collaborating with Mike Manhart and the Couple to Couple League and sharing data for this study.” – Thomas Bouchard, MD, Alberta, Canada