FSI Site Collaborator Application Form

FSI Site Collaborator Application Form

Thank you for your consideration to be a "Site Collaborator". As a Collaborator, you will have the opportunity to create content that will become part of FSI's website. Once completed, this application will be reviewed by an FSI Committee. They will be contacting you with an update.


You can submit up to two topics to be considered. Topics need to be related to one of the Learning Areas on FSI's site.

Topic #1

Topic #2

Terms & Agreement

Please read the below and mark each checkbox to indicate your acceptance of the Terms & Agreement.
I agree to and affirm that my services are aligned with the Fertility Science Institute principles noted below.(Required)
Fertility Science Institute Principles:
  • Fertility Science Institute specifically supports scientifically-based, all natural, fertility awareness based methods of family planning.
  • Fertility Science Institute does not support any action which intentionally damages or frustrates the normal function of a healthy, reproductive or other functioning part of the body.
  • Fertility Science institute does not support abortion, nor the referral for abortion.
  • Technological interventions (such as IVF) which separate conception from the marital act are contrary to the dignity of the human person and deny the basic right of every child to be conceived in an act of love between its mother and father.
  • Couples using FABMS have autonomy to determine the size of their own families based on their own physical, economic, psychological and social conditions.