Encouragement For Those New to NFP

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From the Family Foundations archives


Encouragement for those new to NFP…from those who have been there.

“Be patient and trusting with it; it can be difficult at times. Know that it is not the magic key to all marital happiness, but it can help.” – Cindy O’Connor

“Patience! NFP has been the best thing for our marriage. We are a stronger, more faith-filled couple because of it. Just be patient at first. Also…I have never felt more in control of my body. A woman’s body is so amazing!” – Abby Wilson

“It will be bumpy at first but keep trying and y’all will get it soon! Be patient and kind to yourself and each other as you are learning something new. NFP will bless your marriage more than you know!” – Jack Kat Crow

“Two things for the men: First, be involved. It is so worth it. You can gain such a great respect and awe for the complexities and natural harmonies constantly occurring within your wife’s body. Next, be heroic. We all have that drive to be great, to do something outstanding. Superheroes sacrifice themselves for the sake of others; and selflessly holding your wife’s needs above your own, day in and day out, is heroic. NFP is a daily opportunity to perform a heroic act.” – Ben Molenda

“Don’t let people tell you it doesn’t work…those are the people who have never done it or never took the classes.” – Sarah Wheeler Fisher

“It really does enhance your communication.” – David Bednarcik

“Once you learn to trust the method in practical application it becomes second nature. And you are doing something great for your body and your marriage. My husband knows more about the female reproductive system than most women!” – Bonnie Gaudet

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