Can an app or device help me?

Before investing in learning an NFP method or purchasing a device or app it’s important to consider a few thing, such as, what is your goal, how well will a device fit your lifestyle, will you have support if needed? 

What is your goal?

Can you do what is needed every day?

Will you have someone to turn to?

Many of us are drawn to each new shiny gadget or tool to come along, and this is even more pronounced in today’s tech-heavy culture. This is true in the realm of fertility awareness as well. Just look at some of the numbers: An estimated 14-15 million women are using fertility tracking apps (most of them simple period trackers), and it is estimated that $1.3 billion will be invested in 2020 in new femtech startups.

But before purchasing a device or app to use with your fertility awareness based method (FABM), it’s important to consider your goal.

The introduction of femtech (devices, hormone tests, apps) brings costs to the practice of fertility awareness, and before swiping your card it is certainly worth considering if the costs are going to be worth it to you.

When using a traditional fertility awareness based method (FABM), there are little to no ongoing costs after the cost of instruction. With the exception of the Marquette Method, which uses the Clearblue monitor, there may only be charts or a digital thermometer needed. Compared to the costs of contraception, which often includes medical appointments, FABMs are inexpensive.

One only needs to spend a little time in fertility awareness-related Facebook groups to see that women who use the various femtech products frequently have questions, ranging from how to properly use it to why it is giving them the results it is. All too often they are seeking answers via Facebook because their product doesn’t provide ongoing support.

Most of these technologies are designed for and tested in women with typical cycles but every woman will have atypical cycles at least some of the time. Picking a method that provides access to ongoing support is critical when this happens to you.

Wearable devices to use alone or within an NFP method

[ARPrice id=125]

TTC = trying to conceive, TTA = trying to avoid (postpone), BBT = basal body temperature
FABM = fertility awareness based method,  STM = Sympto-Thermal-Method

*Prices current as of spring 2020.

At-home Hormone Tests

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TTC = trying to conceive, TTA = trying to avoid, BBT = basal body temperature, FABM = fertility awareness based method

*Prices current as of spring 2020.


Effective use of any FABM to avoid pregnancy depends on motivation, couple communication, and proper learning of the method.