As your fertile years wind down your fertility signs change and can be confusing. But we've got you covered.

Explore the options available to help you during this transition.

Choose the resources that works best for you!

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CCL Perimenopause Class

As your fertile years wind down your fertility signs change and can be confusing. In the CCL Perimenopause Class learn how to confidently navigate this transition.


  • CCL Method Refresher (if needed)
  • Perimenopausal symptoms
  • Fertility Awareness guidelines for perimenopause
  • Example charts of Perimenopause cycles
  • Marital Intimacy

Available in-person or online. The live class meets one time, for approximately two hours, either onsite or online. Now available On Demand offering a one-on-one virtual class that includes the 2-hour class and consulting as needed.

Note: For non-CCL NFP users, please review the included CCL Method Refersher to learn CCL terminology and rules.


FAB Coaching

Fertility Awareness Based Coaching

Empowering  women with knowledge. Equipping  couples with the sympto-thermal method. Encouraging  self-giving love throughout all the cycle transitions of married life.

"The consult took me from having no idea to what was going on with my cycles to being able to see a clear trend within the next month. I'm so thankful for your help!" ~ Rachel S.


  • Free initial consult
  • Follow-up individualized coaching session(s), scheduled online according to your needs, delivered via personal video meetings with e-mail and phone call follow-ups
  • Chart review