Dealing with Period Problems

Just because a cycle seems normal doesn’t mean its healthy. There are self-help resources for problematic periods.

Assuming you already try to drink lots of water and eat a well-balanced diet rich with vitamins and minerals “from A to zinc” and take a high-quality women’s fertility blend multi-vitamin with nutrient values then these targeted solutions may prove helpful to you.

Heavy bleeding?

Try flax oil around the time of your period, 3-5 g/day starting 2-3 days before your period and continuing until it is over. This is usually enough to alleviate the problem.

Painful cramps?

A balanced diet and plenty of water will help tremendously. Try fish oil, 4-6 capsules/day during your cramps. Support the fish oil with plenty of B12 and vitamin E, hopefully in your multi-vitamin. Take “chelated” magnesium, 500- 1000 mg/day, as a natural muscle relaxer and sleep aid.

Irregular Cycle Lengths?

A healthy cycle length is between 20-33 days long, and may vary a bit each month. If your period is frequently longer, shorter or unpredictable, it’s indicating a deeper problem. Consider tracking your periods for a few months and then bring the information to a trusted doctor.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?

PMS is a common problem, usually caused by poor nutrition. There are actually 4 types of PMS and all of them are treated differently. Use a period -tracking app to record how you feel throughout the month, and bring the information to your healthcare provider.

Source: Marilyn Shannon's popular book Shorter, Lighter and Pain-Free Periods