Postpartum Support and Classes

Postpartum can be joy-filled, confusing, challenging, and everything in between. Stress and change is inevitable as your new baby becomes part of your life. With preparation, support and practical advice, the stress can turn to success.

Learn about what FSI can offer to you for Postpartum support.

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Self-Paced NFP Postpartum Class with Coaching

In the Self-Paced Postpartum Class with a coach, learn how practicing the sympto-thermal method of NFP changes during the postpartum time and how feeding your baby can affect the return of fertility.

Includes: Self-paced online video class about STM NFP during Postpartum. This class includes on-demand, one-on -one instruction with a FSI coach and a NFP STM refresher instruction if needed.

Covering topics like Postpartum for Woman, Fertility Awareness When Formula Feeding or/and Breastfeeding and Marital Intimacy.

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Postpartum Coaching Session

Online fertility awareness-based coaching, one-on-one to help navigate NFP STM method and other fertility concerns during the postpartum period. Free initial coaching consult available.

Includes: A 1 hour one-on-one online coaching session with an FSI coach.

Coaching packages available with more than one session.


Postpartum Place

Postpartum Place is an online resource center that can help you with practical support in postpartum from the comfort of your home.

Includes: Videos, podcasts, and materials about self-care, baby-care, breastfeeding, marital intimacy and even free consult with a lactation consultant.

Vetted resources for the special considerations of postpartum depression, adverse diagnoses, and marital struggles are also included.

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Marquette Postpartum Coaching Package

Online fertility awareness-based coaching, with a FSI coach who specializes in NFP Marquette to help navigate the postpartum period.

Includes: 1 year of individualized follow-up. This specific protocol utilizes the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and is 98% effective at postponing pregnancy while breastfeeding. The Marquette Method is backed by current and ongoing medical research and technology and is taught by licensed healthcare professionals. Participants are required to have previously taken an NFP Course.

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Postpartum Coaching Package

Online fertility awareness-based coaching sessions, one-on-one to help navigate NFP STM method and other fertility concerns during the postpartum period.

Includes: A coaching package with four 1 hour sessions is available for those who want more in depth guidance. The initial consult will determine what you would like to cover in next sessions. Customizable and personalized.