Hydration for Better Fertility

By Melissa Gorley, FSI Coach and Staff Writer.

Keep Drinking Water to Prevent “False Dry Days”

With the cooler temperatures of fall, it can be a struggle to keep drinking lots of water. In the sweltering heat, drinking water feels good as it quenches thirst and cools down the body but in the cooler weather, it can contribute to feeling cold and to more frequent bathroom breaks than when we’re perspiring in hotter temperatures.

The importance of drinking water remains key for fertility health. Marilyn Shannon calls it “the number one nutrient.” Every cell of our body needs it. It energizes us and even curbs hunger. Water consumption affects cervical mucus production. Dehydration can result in “false dry day” observations. Staying hydrated helps us have reliable mucus sensations and characteristic observations.

The standard wisdom is eight glasses or about a half-gallon a day. Many diet and exercise programs teach that half of one’s body weight in ounces should be the daily goal. These are some tips for drinking more water, especially during the cooler weather:

  • Drink only cool, not iced, water in cooler weather.
  • Drink room temperature or even warm water in very cold weather.
  • Add 1/3 C frozen fruit to water and create your own infused water throughout the day.
  • Add lemon juice.
  • Add fresh mint.
  • Add unsweetened electrolytes (Liquid IV, for example) at a more dilute level.
  • Add a splash of naturally sweetened fruit juice or lemonade.

For myself, if I get a headache or feel unusually hungry, I almost always realize that I’m actually thirsty and have gotten behind on my hydration. Stay hydrated- it’s important for basic health and fertility wellness.


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