Stress, Energy, and Fertility

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

By Melissa Gorley, FSI Coach and Staff Writer.

Stress. It saps energy and interferes with sleep, causing even more fatigue. Both stress and fatigue affect our fertility cycles because sexual hormone production decreases under stress and the influence of its hormone, cortisol.

Without healthy hormones, ovulation can be delayed, the luteal phase and its post-ovulation infertile biomarkers can be delayed, and menstruation often starts early with spotting. Prolonged stress and fatigue can result in adrenal fatigue which will definitely show up on a fertility cycle chart with all the confusing signs mentioned above.

These are not the circumstances that make for an easy practice of NFP.

But they are circumstances that can be problem-solved, especially with the help of a coach. FSI Coach Bernadette Jones makes it a habit to “use the fertility awareness chart to find how stress is impacting us and then use it to stay in the healthy zone.” Broad-based coaching sessions for increasing energy and decreasing stress, as well as more targeted ones with strategies for staying asleep are available with her or any of the FSI coaches. Small changes can have a big impact when it comes to fertility health. FSI coaches are experienced instructors and trouble-shooters well-acquainted with the expertise and wisdom in Marilyn Shannon’s Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition 5th edition.

When it comes to stress, Marilyn sums it up best: “Most of us simply can’t avoid daily stress, whether it is caring for a high-needs child or working at an unpleasant job. What we can do is look to the physical aspects of stress. Understanding stress should convince us to eat better, allow time for more sleep, put a little more exercise into our life, and take supplements which support adrenal function. Dealing with stress is not counterproductive!”


What challenge could you problem solve for healthier cycles or easier charting? An FSI Coach can help you see opportunities and find solutions. Bernadette offers sessions online about stress and fertility.

Check out to begin your journey to confident charting today.