Urgent Help Needed: Effective comments regarding ACA wording change

We have just been made aware of proposed changes in the wording of the Federal Women's Preventative Services guidelines for contraception.  The proposed changes eliminate the current, albeit tacit, admission that FABMs are an alternative to hormones or sterilization and therefore covered under the ACA. If implemented, these changes will have serious consequences for reimbursement.

Anyone, but especially learned individuals (doctors, researchers, healthcare professionals), may submit individual comments (no form letters!) NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 24!

The more FABM-friendly comments supporting FABMs as a legitimate contraceptive option, the better.

Slide 6 of the slide deck provides specifics on what is being proposed to change that significantly weakens the role of FABMs.  The proposed change to remove FABMs as an option in the "clinical recommendations" section downgrades them significantly.

I encourage you to submit your comments before the Nov 24th deadline!

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